Imagine's President and Sr. Designer, Jack Kelly, will be releasing an online training program to teach you the tools you need to confidently navigate your way through Imagine's preferred design software. Our preferred design software is Real Time Landscape Architect by Idea Spectrum. You will need to purchase and download this preferred software to participate in the class. When you purchase and enroll in this class, you will receive a 20% discount towards your purchase of the Real Time Software, which will be provided to you via receipt. Through a series of 8 chapters, Jack will show you his techniques to creating incredible renderings quickly and efficently through his personal series of tips, tricks, and hacks within the software.  Jack will provide you with the skill set you need to create professional exterior renderings, landscape designs and presentations to impress clients and take your business, design expertise, and aesthetic to the next level. If you want to learn how to design, render, and make more money, this program is for you!


Please visit the Idea Spectrum website to download Real Time Landscape Architect system at

Exterior Rendering Training Program

$511.00 Regular Price
$467.00Sale Price
  • -Renderings help turn a proposed conceptual design into a visual aid.

    -Renderings allow you to cut down on wasted time and material costs by ensuring interface of thoughts and visions are consistent between client and designer.

    -Renderings are an important tool to create photorealistic visualizations of products as they develop throughout development.

    -Renderings allow you to create more revenue for your business.

    -Design renderings vary in price but are roughly ten to twenty percent of the total cost of the proposed project.



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