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Our Group of Industry Leaders

Welcome to the MASTERMINDS!


We are a group of like-minded landscapers, contractors, builders and designers looking to share our experience, expertise, and enthusiasm to take our businesses to a whole new level! Greatness is achievable for everyone. Let's grow our empires together, help one another, and break out of our comfort zones. Hear more from Jack Kelly in the video below!


1. A Community of Masterminds

You’ll be surrounded by successful people who share a passion for our industry and who are moving in positive directions. We are stronger & more successful together. 

2. The best group in our industry

Ask questions, seek advice and look for recommendations. You’d be surprised how willing group members are to offer their help.


3. Your new accountability buddy

As you’re amongst like-mind group members who are supportive, they’ll double up as an accountability buddy. We all want to see each other succeed! 

What group members are saying...

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A Word from the Founders

We do not need to work against each other anymore. Competition is an illusion. The truth is that we are much more powerful together. Sharing your knowledge and helping a fellow business person will always pay itself forward.   


We are pushing to change the industry as we know it, and this group has the ability to change other industries as well. Whatever you do, or are passionate about, this can help you. This is only the beginning. 

General Discussion Topics:

  • Creative Project ​Ideas

  • References and Referrals

  • Business Inspiration

  • Advertising Techniques

  • Client Management Forums

  • Insight and Access with Jack Kelly

  • and more....

Group members have saved up to $50,000/ year in business expenses, while other members have increased their businesses revenues 10x. Our group members power each other- now let's take over this industry- side by side!

Jack & Carly Kelly

Join the Masterminds  Group Today!

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