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Join the Party!

Mastermind Meet-up 2023




"Competition is an illusion. We do not need to work against each other anymore. The truth is that we are much more powerful together. Join our exclusive group and change not only your business, but your perspective too. This is only the beginning."

Founder of Imagine

Mastermind Mentor

"We are a group of like-minded INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS (landscapers, contractors, builders and designers) looking to share our experience, expertise, and enthusiasm to take our businesses to a whole new level! Greatness is achievable for everyone. Let's grow our empires together, help one another, and break out of our comfort zones."

Hear more from Jack Kelly in the video HERE!


How to Join

It's simple!

  1. To Get Started, press the button below and Subscribe at the bottom of the webpage.

  2. Then, Request to Join the Facebook Group.

  3. Please allow 24-48 hours to be accepted to the Facebook Group, and check your email for subscription confirmation!

If you have any further questions or concerns,

 contact our team at


All are welcome in Masterminds. We ask that you remain respectful and encouraging to other members of the group. Any language or media deemed inappropriate by Jack Kelly and his team will be removed from the group. We are all here to encourage each other. 

If you have gotten all you can out of Masterminds and wish to leave the group; you must stop your automatic payments with PayPal within your settings. This is not something we can stop on our end. There will be no refunds regarding this. We also ask that if you decide to leave, that you remove yourself from the Facebook Community. 


Thank you & let's party!

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