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Imagine Soil Rejuvenator

Born in Michigan | Made for All

100% Organic Material for Indoor + Outdoor Gardening abundant flowers + healthy tress + lush gardens

Micronutrients are essential for plant growth. Use Imagine’s soil rejuvenator for your indoor + outdoor plants to keep them healthy year-round. Use this nutritious tea to hydrate new + existing planting. Remember, for plants to thrive, they need adequate water, sunlight, and your love.

  • What is the best method for use?
    For best results, we recommend mixing 10% rejuvenator with 90% water and steep for 24 hours. Apply topically with sprayer on any plant. Give each plant a generous drink.
  • How long will one bag of Imagine Soil Rejuvenator last?
    Each bag has 3 cups. Furthermore, each bag will create 15 gallons of liquid and will last based on your method of use.
  • Are there other methods of use?
    Yes, we also enjoy mixing rejuvenator directly into the soil when planting, using a 25/75 ration with topsoil or compost. Additionally, use the soil rejuvenator for seeds by planting the seeds entirely in the rejuvenator.
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