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100% Organic Material for Indoor + Outdoor Gardening abundant flowers + healthy tress + lush gardens

Micronutrients are essential for plant growth. Use Imagine’s soil rejuvenator for your indoor + outdoor plants to keep them healthy year-round. Use this nutritious tea to hydrate new + existing planting. Remember, for plants to thrive, they need adequate water, sunlight, and your love.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best method for use?

For best results, we recommend mixing 10% rejuvenator with 90% water and steep for 24 hours. Apply topically with sprayer on any plant. Give each plant a generous drink.

How long will one bag of Imagine Soil Rejuvenator last?

Each bag has 3 cups. Furthermore, each bag will create 15 gallons of liquid and will last based on your method of use.

Are there other methods of use?

Yes, we also enjoy mixing rejuvenator directly into the soil when planting, using a 25/75 ration with topsoil or compost. Additionally, use the soil rejuvenator for seeds by planting the seeds entirely in the rejuvenator.

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