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In this library, we will be releasing training videos to help educate and evolve our industry leaders. The truth is that competition is an illusion & performing at the highest level possible is what dissolves that perspective.  As a contractor, it is important to try your best to land every single project you bid, but it is also important to strategically select the jobs you take on based on your personal business goals.

If we allow ourselves to work and expand our understanding of our businesses TOGETHER, we can truly elevate the industry as a whole. Can you ever IMAGINE being paid for an onsite consult? Well I can and I do. Because the truth is, we are valuable. You are valuable. You bring a precious craft into the homes and businesses of your fellow man. Never forget that! Now lets do this together & blow up our businesses & industry THE RIGHT WAY!

Take these tools and implement them into your business. Watch it with your staff & help educate them as well. The more knowledge you and your team have the more efficient and profitable you will be.


COURSE 2: The Ultimate Employee Guide

Build your forever team, this video will give you the stepping stones to hit those heights you are always looking for. Your team is everything, invest in management & give these guys chances to shine. Remember, your team needs to do their part too. If you give them the tools and the training they are more likely to succeed for themselves & the company. This video will open your mind, and guide you to the dream team.

Upon purchase you will receive access to the 45-minute course AND a free copy of the IMAGINE Design + Build Employee Handbook.


This 55-minute video features Celebrity Pro Gamer NICK MERCS. We recorded this high profile job from start to finish. This video can help anyone at any skill level. If you are thinking about starting your own business or have been in business for 20 years, this is your ticket to game changing ideas. We completed this entire project in just 14 days and teach you how to tackle similar feats within an efficient timeline.

PROJECT COMPLETED IN 14 DAYS- Tutorial includes tips & tricks to efficiently navigate through any size project.

  • What is the best method for use?
    For best results, we recommend mixing 10% rejuvenator with 90% water and steep for 24 hours. Apply topically with sprayer on any plant. Give each plant a generous drink.
  • How long will one bag of Imagine Soil Rejuvenator last?
    Each bag has 3 cups. Furthermore, each bag will create 15 gallons of liquid and will last based on your method of use.
  • Are there other methods of use?
    Yes, we also enjoy mixing rejuvenator directly into the soil when planting, using a 25/75 ration with topsoil or compost. Additionally, use the soil rejuvenator for seeds by planting the seeds entirely in the rejuvenator.

Additional Tutorials Soon!

Once you have purchased the tutorial, you will be taken to a link to download the video.

If you have any further questions or concerns contact us at

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